project life : week thirteen
april 12 on 12 : take twelve (or ten)

project life : week fourteen

This week felt more "normal" - even though it was crazed. I got home from OK/TX on Monday (really late), and left for NYC on Wed. This spread makes me happy... W14fullWeek 14 w/o (3) inserts. Brighter colors are back. And seriously...what is it with red & project life? I'm drawn to it. (please tell me that you thought of John Cage in Ally McBeal when you read that.) W14leftWeek 14, left side. Austin & Taylor (my niece) both made the "I don't know what to do with my hands" gesture when I told them to do something silly. Great minds think alike. Oh T-Rex - you are so sad! Austin & I (and my toes) in the bluebonnets.  W14insertaMy brother & my son are so alike that it's a bit scary...and wicked funny. It's really remarkable when you consider that they've only been around each other in person 2-3 times in Austin's entire life.   W14insertbAustin can do blue steel to perfection. W14insertcharlieweek 14, insert #2 - one handsome boy named Charlie. W14insertbreadweek 14, insert #3 - from my fave bakery in Soho. W14rightWeek 14, right side. Mostly NYC stuff. I work there alot, so I sometimes forget the details. I love the Project Life reminds me to collect business cards & such.  W14bloomI am going to write a full-on blog post about Kelle Hampton's new book. I've read her blog for a bit, and put her book on pre-order. I expected it to be a good, fun, touching read - not dissimilar to her blog. I was blown away. It was so much more.
W14nycThis is so simple, but makes me so happy. Four instagram/iphone photos + an OA chipboard shape. Love. W14sbxAnd this...that I started to journal on, and then stopped & said "hey, y'know what? some pictures are self-explanatory." Don't overthink. 

On to Week 15...and off to NYC again tomorrow!