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project life: behind the eight ball.

I've got nuttin' for Foodie Friday this week - other than raving about that broccolini salad again. Seriously. SO good. I'm eating a kale version of it for lunch right now. Instead, I thought I'd talk a bit about "being behind" in Project Life. 

I haven't completed spreads for the past 2 weeks - thanks to lots of travel. I've post-it-noted the heck out of my page protectors, and I've made notes about what I want to include. I'm going to honest - a little over a week ago, I was okay with being behind. Life happens, travel happens, and it's no big deal. Today? It's stressing me out. It's a combination of not wanting to fall behind, and being frustrated that I haven't been able to carve out the amount of creative time that I'd like. 

Another thought on Project Life, prompted by this comment from my friend Michele

i TRIED to start PL. i really did. then i abandoned all hope. however, austin's quote really struck me, and now i can't wait to start *next* year's. sad. but i bet i can do month-glance this year instead of week-glance, as practice. i think there needs to be something big and noteworthy, but there really doesn't. just the little bits of life. i forget to pay attention to those. so, thanks, austin. ;o)
I'm answering Michele here b/c that same sentiment might apply to some of you reading. My response...why are you waiting? This isn't Project Jan 1 - Dec 31. It's Project Life. You can start where you are. If you're feeling weird about that, maybe do a couple of compilation pages at the beginning with journaling about why you're starting in April. Or, as Michele noted, do month-glance. OR DO BOTH. Don't get all twisted up in imaginary rules. 
Cheers to a weekend of kitchen painting, bread making, project life-ing, and blogging! 

weekly eats.

As I mentioned on Friday, I've been anxious to get back to actual cooking. It occurred to me today that my Mom probably thinks that I make up all the food that I talk about here - since she saw no evidence of my cooking skills while I visited. (She did, however, witness my coffee-drinking & cupcake-eating skills. I'm a freakin' master.) So today, with an Easter Monday company holiday, a venti 3 honey latte, my Nook Color, and a moleskine journal...I set out to plan meals for the week. I'm going to backtrack in this post b/c I'm a fan of the full week. 

Salmonbrocollinisalad copySunday - Crab Risotto. No recipe - just a wild rice version of risotto that I picked up at the grocery store, a little parmesean, and a pound of crab legs. Side note: I think that buying crab meat is one of those worth the extra expense things - breaking open the crab legs is a pain.

Monday - Peppery Brown Sugar Salmon & Broccolini Salad (pictured above all close up b/c I was using my phone & was pretty excited about eating). Oh my goodness. I loved this meal. The salmon was absolute perfection. The salad? Cue angels singing. MAKE THIS SALAD. Seriously good. I had planned on taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow - but there are no leftovers. That's how good it was. Austin said "Uhm. I pretty much inhaled that dinner." (oh, and a note - I didn't have any day-old bread to make "rustic croutons", so I just cut/tore a few chunks of artisan wheat bread & sauteed a bit in olive oil. I actually think that I liked the softer bread better than I would have liked croutons. The broccolini & almonds already offer up a lot of softer bread was a-okay.) 

Tuesday - I don't know how any food is going to live up to that salad. Slacker Sushi Bowls, I wish you luck.

Wednesday - I will be dining in O-hi-o, so it's tortellini on the homefront. 

Thursday - Not entirely sure when my flight comes in, but pretty sure that I'll miss dinner. I'll encourage grilled cheese, in honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. (also, note to self - Thurs is the 12th. Hmm. Will be interesting to do 12on12 while traveling.)

Friday - Cauliflower & Apple Soup

Saturday - perhaps a crustless kale quiche

Lunches will be a combo of kale salads, wheatberry salads, and probably a leftover sushi bowl - and Larabars while traveling. 

hello monday.

Hello to editing vacation pics & finding that 95% of the photos of my brother are him being goofy.

Hello to throwing a project life insert in the recycling bin this am - reminding myself that i can do whatever i want - no rules.

Hello to Columbus later this week.

Hello to Easter Monday - a company holiday for us. Woo hooo! 

Hello to wheatberries & kale & whole wheat pasta being welcomed back to the dinner table. 

Hello to feeling discouraged, trying to believe that it's okay to begin again, and reminding myself that I know what to do.Youknowwhattodo

Hello to registering for The Color Run with the kids & Becky. Ridiculously excited.

Hello to those 3 little words - your order shipped.

What are you saying hello to today? 

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice)

foodie friday : links

(image source)

I have spent precious little time in my kitchen lately. A combo of travel & lack of motivation, really. When I'm home from NYC, I'll have a 3 day weekend...sans travel. I had been thinking of heading down to Boston for the holiday, but decided that staying home sounds much better. So, today's foodie friday is all about food that I hope to cook soon (if not this weekend, definitely in the next couple of weeks)....

Broccolini Salad 

Lemon Panko Roasted Asparagus

Carrot Cake Cookies

a fruit tart of some sort (recipes welcomed!)

Chocolate Honey Cake (I really adore honey. I'd likely make this into cupcakes.)

something with kale 

what are you cooking these days? 

a visit to okie-homa.

I won't have time to put together project life spreads until the weekend. After 2 days at home, a couple loads of laundry, and exactly zero housecleaning, I'm boarding a plane again this morning. Flirting with exhaustion, (still) working through back pain, and being grateful for amazing friends who keep me sane (sane being a relative term). Sometimes life gets in the way of project life...and that's okay. 

A quick video from our trip to Texas & Oklahoma. Oh, and an explanation - my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last weekend. A few months ago, my brother emailed to say that he was going to plan a surprise party for them. My sister & I decided to crash the party from California & Vermont. Good times ensued (and no heart attacks were caused...always a concern when you're surprising folks!)...

Surprise! from Katrina Simeck on Vimeo.

We started the surprise with dinner on Friday night. The waitstaff was in on it, and led my parents right by us, then turned them around. You'll hear lots of cackling on the was hilarious to watch my Mom's reaction. Throw in a surprise party the next day, plus visiting with friends & family...and you can understand my fatigue! I have a few hundred photos to wade through. :)

hello Monday.

Hello travel. Heading home from Texas/Oklahoma.

Hello good memories and lots of laughter.

Hello being grateful for spending time with my Grandpa. He's quite the character at 82!

Hello more travel this week...thurs and fri in NYC.

Hello plans for lots of juicing and green smoothies this week. (I'm terrible at making good choices when traveling)

What are you saying hello to today?

hello Monday.