currents | april 22
dear weary girl (courtesy of brave girls club)

Life Well Lived (in color)

This week's Life Well Lived question is about COLOR! Specifically...

How do you incorporate color into your look?

My closet is, admittedly, rather dull. I tend to stick to grey, white, and brown. A little black thrown in, although it can be harsh with my casper-like skin. I've been trying to liven things up a bit recently with little bits of color...scarves, flats, and nail polish (only on my toes!). 

I'm always inspired by the way that Lisa Leonard incorporates color (and I've been pondering those red wedge shoes). I dream of having a full collection of Allora Handmade necklaces to rotate into my neutrals. And my friend Angie swears that a touch of eye shadow color is the secret to success.

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