pura vida.
project life : week thirteen

hello monday : 04.16.12

hello newly painted kitchen - much brighter/lighter feel. Can't wait to hang some colorful prints on the walls.

hello project life weeks 13 & 14 done this weekend. Feels good to get a bit "caught up." Austin & I were chatting while I was working on the spreads, and I told him that I was getting stressed about being behind. He said "Mom, it's supposed to be fun. Don't let it become a job." How did that kid get to be so smart?

hello well-timed newsletter from Ali Edwards. Are you getting her 52 Creative Lifts emails? If not, you should be. 

hello taking back the reigns of my healthcare. As you know, I"ve been on this roller coaster of hip & back pain and treatment. I've been doing as I'm told, and things are improving that much - so I'm going to demand different care. 

hello NYC later this week. 

hello swirling ideas & thoughts. Monkey mind, but in a more productive sort of way. 

hello two & 1/2 weeks until Hope is home for the summer. What? That means that she'll be a junior in college. Did you notice that my heart just stopped beating?

what are you saying hello to today? 

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice)