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Life Well Lived (in color)

currents | april 22

happy earth day! recycle something, would ya? whenever i'm "behind" on blogging, i'm overcome with writer's block. it's easier to break through that with a meme, so i'm borrowing from lee, who was inspired by tina... Currently-icon(source)

drinking my third cup of coffee for the day

cleaning my scraproom

organizing by color for a change

feeling grateful for 2 opportunties that are on my plate

missing a friend who has decided it's time to move on

wanting to get back to a regular yoga practice

reading this: Curvy Voices (and loving it)

laughing about all the buzz around 50 Shades (yes, I read all 3...I blame Barb for that. yes, i agree that they are HORRIBLY written.)

making a to-do list...happy that I'm not traveling this week so that I can get some "home" things done

finishing the kitchen re-do (will post pics soon)

looking forward to Hope being home next week

returning to my twelve practices & manifesto for gentle reminders

trying to hold on (& let go, at the same time) as life shifts

where are your currents taking you?