project life : week sixteen
project life : week seventeen


Hellomondayhello last day of April. You won't hear any "it's going by so fast!" from me - I'm anxious to put these difficult days behind me. 

hello to the chance to have a better week. Last week was marked by a week-long pity party. It was one hell of an event. Think pony rides, clown cars, cupcakes, and wine (without the pony rides & clown cars). 

hello to Miss Hope coming home for the summer on Wednesday. 

hello to starting volume 2 of Project Life. Really excited to start this new album - it feels like I'm starting the project all over again.

hello to warmer temps by the end of the week (in contrast to the snow that we had on Friday).

hello to planning on spending quality time with my OLW this week. Shift is ever-present for me, but I need to "do the work" again.

what are you saying hello to today? 

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired practice)