Live Well Lived: Looking Your Best
project life : week twelve.

hello monday & grasping for gratitude.

I am not in a hello Monday mood. My day has not started off well, and I've spent most of the morning battling a sick headache. Blech. In an attempt to shift my mood, I'm trying to focus on gratitude for what is left of my morning. Breathing in gratitude, and breathing out stress...

*I am grateful for a kind physical therapist.

*I am grateful for friends who will patiently listen to my woes.

*I am grateful for green tea.

*I am grateful for pretty daffodils at my desk.

*I am grateful for creative opportunities.

*I am grateful for an assistant account manager who is simply wonderful (Em, if you're reading seriously rock.)

*I am grateful for the chance to begin again. (and again, and again, and again.)