project life : week five.
pants are optional?

wednesday : on the web.

I spend a chunk of time each day reading blogs, checking out pinterest, and clicking around the web. I'll admit that it's almost constant - I read while I drink my coffee and sit in front of my happy light in the morning, browse a few pins if I'm on hold for a conference call, read a blog or two during my lunch break, and log back on at night for more reading. Fortunately, I read really fast - so I can take in a lot of information! It's my alternative to TV, really - entertainment, information, and inspiration all rolled into one. And b/c I adore when blogs that I read send me on treasure hunts of new (to me) sites, I thought I'd share a few things that I'm enjoying right now...

Susan Weinwroth - her blog always makes me smile. Bright colors, beautiful family, and a sense that her family has so much fun

(extra)ordinary: hallmark - i devour Kelle's blog daily. This post had me saying "YES, that." I want to look for more ways to inject a little bit of extra into the ordinary. 

the happiness advantage - i haven't had a chance to watch this video yet, but i will! i like the reminder to practice gratitude and minimize negativity. (I'm good at the former, not the latter)

enjoy every sandwich - really can't wait to read this book.

the secret power of middle children - stumbled upon this yesterday and started reading it last night! 

eats well with others - love cooking/foodie blogs.

I'd love for you to send me on a treasure hunt today - what are you loving on the web these days?