foodie friday.
hello monday.

twelve practices: feb check in.


Time for a check in on my twelve practices. In case you missed that post, it's here.

1. a yoga practice - really out of practice here. My hip pain is worse than ever, so I'm finding it hard to imagine doing downward anything. 

2. a meditation practice - work in progress - but I've taken the time to sit here & there. 

3. a bread making practice - win! Found my fave go-to recipe so far. Now just have to practice moderation. 

4. an adventure practice - making plans :) 

5. a calendar practice - still haven't found THE thing that works for me. I keep telling myself that I just need to get an iphone. Clearly THAT will make everything fall into place. Right?

6. an exercise practice - two words: hip pain. Going to the gym, and finding out just how slow a treadmill can go. Ugh. 

7. a writing practice - definitely feeling like I'm doing a good job here. 

8. a photography practice - Project Life is forcing me to get cozy with my camera. Still need to learn, learn, learn. 

9. a gratitude practice - I haven't managed to write it down each day, but I have taken at least a few minutes to find something to be grateful for. Every day (even on days that were rough).

10. a OLW practice - my OLW (SHIFT) is resonating loudly this year. So loudly that I kinda want to tell it to shut up sometimes. 

11. a kindness practice - doing okay here, but still want to step it up. 

12. a creative practice - hellloooo Project Life