project life : week seven.
foodie friday : sushi

my so-called project life.

Many a blog post has been written about how to "do" Project Life. If you're looking for that ...sorry. Nothing to see here. :) I have no real wisdom to share, just a few random thoughts...

Project Life doesn't have a possessive pronoun.

Notice that Becky H didn't call it "Our Project Life" or "His & Her Project Life" - there are no rules about who has to be included. Some people are opting for it to be an (adorable) record of their young kids' lives. Some people are documenting their life with a (fabulous) significant other. Some people do a fantastic job of balancing their layouts to include everyone in the family. Me? I'm not some people. My daughter lives in another country for part of the year (y'know, when she's not upstairs wearing MY sweater). My son likes to dodge the camera, and is often on the moutain (where he knows Mom will not venture). My family is scattered across several states (hi y'all!). So, this Project is really about my view of life. Some weeks it might just be all about me. Some weeks I might include the village that it takes to deal with me (hey girls!). I'll include my children as much as I feel like it (and as much as they'll tolerate). I will bribe my niece with lip gloss so that I can include her. My point? Everyone doesn't have to get equal playtime. (oh, and I've been asked where my husband is. fair question. 98% of the time, the answer is "on the couch. watching Two & a Half Men.")

Some days are dark & twisty days. Some days are shiny sparkle pager days.

I love that Project Life doesn't come with a rule book. Some weeks I'll include the dark & twisty b/c it's therapuetic. Some weeks I want more shiny sparkle pager. Early on, Barb mentioned that Project Life can kinda force you to look at your week and find some good. She's absolutely right. I'm making a conscious effort to balance the dark & twisty with some gratitude (you thought I was going to say shiny sparkle pager, didn't you?) and good. Highs & lows. Good hair days & bad hair days. And besides, where else can I put all of these Grey's Anatomy references? 

I drink a lot of coffee. I eat a lot of food. And sometimes I photograph my feet.

That might seem friviolous or narcissistic. Who wants to see what I ate for breakfast or what I wore to work? Uhm, I do. I adore the "pop culture" aspect of Project Life. I sooo wish that this had been around in the 80s...there would have been page upon page of Diet Cokes and Carl's Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburgers. Not to mention photos that would make you say "No, that's not a pop dot...that's my shoulder pads." It's like a time capsule for 2012. Isn't that what scrapbooking was meant to be anyway? (cue the PL theme song...wait, we don't have a theme song? whatttt??) I want to be able to look back and see what I was wearing, eating, listening to, reading, might seem materialistic now, but it will be historic later. (Edited to add - I predict that we'll see spin-offs next year, just like CSI. Project Life: Food. Project Life: Music. Project Life: Feet. Okay, maybe not feet...but you get my point.)

That's it, in a raw almond philopshy on Project Life. Go forth & scrapbook. 

Oh, and I promised a few notes on process. This might be boring. Or obvious. Or completely unneccesary. If so...why are you still reading? ;) 

*I'm not using "official" Project Life page protectors. Because I'm impatient, that's why. I'm using We R Memory Keepers for the main pages, and a variety of sizes for the inserts. I trim & sew page protectors to fit whatever random size that I need (oh, and Becky, if you're reading - please make 6 x 11 page protectors - I want to print at home.) Note: Becky Higgins does not read my blog. 

*I dig hybrid scrapbooking. I spend quite a bit of time in Photoshop - cropping photos, using web images, typing up journaling. I have the Turquoise Kit elements, and a variety of other digi elements from around the web. I adore Cathy's digi supplies (Hi Cathy!) Note: Cathy Zielske doesn't read my blog either. I am a font-aholic. I go through a lot of printer ink, and I am VERY grateful to Epson for 2 fabulous printers (review of the PictureMate Show coming soon). 

*I cannot work on this album throughout the week. I'm a little weird about that. I need a clean slate on the weekend...Adele playing in the background, and a beverage in hand. I usually do the whole week in one sitting. I typically HATE it when I start - but like the result. I do have 3 Project Life poly envelopes - one on the fridge, one in my home office, and one in my laptop bag. I collect stuff as I go. I don't currently have a good notetaking system. I sometimes email myself notes. I have a Project Life file for my email - anything that I want to save goes in there during the week. 

*I've been using my Canon 7D for photos, and filling in with images from google when I need them. It may be the weight of the Canon that is giving me back pain this year. That damn thing is HEAVY. As hard as I try, it's just not practical to carry my "real" camera everywhere. So I did the next logical thing. I bought an iphone. Wheeeee!!!!! It will be here tomorrow and I'll be in Instagram heaven. 

And that, my scrappy friends, is all. THANK YOU for reading!!