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foodie friday : sushi

This Foodie Friday is about good food AND good friends...

I've known "of" Melanie for years. She was a Simple Gal, and I was almost a Simple Gal. We were both on the American Crafts team. We traveled in the same scrapbooking circles. And all the while? We lived a mere 2 hrs from each other, but never managed to meet. Yes, we're in different countries...but it's only a 2 hour drive. This past Monday, I had to drive up to Montreal to pick up Hope for reading break. It seemed like the perfect time to FINALLY meet a fabulous scrapbooking superstar whose work I have long admired...


I realize that it appears that I am molesting Mel in this pic. In reality, I am merely trying to ensure that she doesn't run away from the camera b/c she was refusing to let the waiter take our picture. HA!

Melanie is, in a word - FABULOUS. I felt like we'd been friends for years. She's funny and real and honest. I am giddy that she's in our Traveling Smash group. I'd predict that we'll be spending many a lunch/weekend/daytrip together in the coming months. (I also predict that I'll convince her to start blogging again. Mel! Mel! Mel!)

After a bit of scrapbook shopping, Melanie took me to Maiko Sushi. Oh MY. I have to say that it was probably the best sushi that I've ever had.


I'd love to tell you what we ate...but I honestly don't remember what everything was! Melanie was a terrific sushi guide. Every single one of her choices was delicious. (and DRAT! about forgetting to grab an extra sushi list for my PL!)


Another fun Foodie Friday thing - I'm participating in The Meal today. I honestly forgot all about it, so I'm thankful that they sent a reminder. I brought my lunch, so it won't be terribly exciting, but it will still be fun.

What did you eat/cook/bake this week? Link up your Foodie Friday posts in the comments!