2011: a quick glance.
2012: twelve practices.

2012 one little word: shift

I mentioned in my 2011 rewind post that I don't feel like I truly honored 'abundance' as my one little word. To be honest, I think that I had a bit of a 'if I name it, it will come' attitude. I think that I need a word with a bit more action to it. 

My 2012 word came to me a couple of months ago. Yes, you read that right - it came to me. Now, before you roll your eyes and wonder just how much of this hippy VT water I've been drinking, be honest - don't words, thoughts, ideas come to you? Whether you believe that it's God speaking to you, or the Universe, or a little angel/devil sitting on your shoulder - we all have moments of a little voice whispering something in our ear. 

That's what happened to me this year, although it really wasn't a whisper. It was just a matter-of-fact, plain as day thought as I was sitting in my car at a red light (no real symbolism there - I drive an automatic)...


To move slightly. To change direction. To reposition. To dislodge. To move in an unsteady manner. To lay aside or abandon. 

It's also a bit irreverant, what with that one little letter setting it apart from one little four letter word. 

So far, I've signed up for Ali's One Little Word class. I've cleared off the *vision board in my office and hung up my word. I've downloaded this book onto my Nook. Lee is participating in a OLW blog hop that I'm reading through (and that I may join next month). I'm also reading through this site: One Word 365

Have you chosen your word? Share or link in the comments - I'd love to follow along. 

*perhaps the first manifestation of my word - it occurred to me that at some point last year, I moved my chair to the other side of my crafting table, which puts my back to my vision board. Doh! So, I'm shifting my seating - that vision board isn't doing me much good if I can't see it! 

*and ps...will you look at that? I played with paper. I used adhesive. I even dug up a vintage Fontwerks rubon. Holy shift!