weekly eats.
foodie friday i.o.u.


So, I'll be honest - this was HARD. I went to work. I went to the gym (I was NOT taking a camera into the locker room. For the reasons that Cathy talks about here.) I came home. I made dinner. Oh, and I went to the bookstore. Normal, mundane stuff. My first Take Twelve attempt is rather, uhm, pedestrian.That being said - it's done, and it's going in my Project Life album as an insert (haven't decided what size). 


1. coffee. dark roast. x3
2. my new OLW necklace, courtesy of Beth. 
3. leftovers lunch at my desk.
4. an order came in at my local indie book store.
5. risotto ingredients.
6. austin has a new phone. and needs a haircut. 
7. mostly junk mail. Boden Spring is a highlight.
8. risotto in progress.
9. happy mail from Fiskars.
10. pinterest. daily. 
11. new books. 2 for me, 1 for a gift.
12. bday present for calvin (see #11.)