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foodie friday (better late than never)

a "smashing" december.

Count me amongst the people who think that pretty much everything that Ali Edwards does is nothing short of brilliant. The December Daily project is one that I love the idea of - but struggle with the execution. Try as I might, I am not a mini-album girl. I attempted the Dec Daily in 2008 (it's still 1/2 done) - skipped it altogether in 2009 - and went with Reverb10 in 2010. So, here we are on the first day of December, twenty-eleven. What's a girl to do? This year, I'm going to Smash...



I picked up the Doodle Red Smash Book and quickly (no. seriously. like 3.5 minutes this morning.) added a tag to the cover to christen it "dec daily." My plan? To take it easy. To go with the flow. To add in holiday-ish bits when I feel like it. To tear out pages that I don't like. To remember that December is full of more than just green & red.

Are you doing a December Daily? I'd love to see!