happy thanksgiving.
it's beginning to look a little...

foodie friday (the thanksgiving edition)

Well cooking has been a bit of a challenge this week. The oven controls started to go wonky one night while making flatbread for dinner. Three calls to repairmen - all saying that they couldn't come out until the 29th. (do they NOT realize that Thanksgiving involves cooking?)On Wed, I got up early to attempt a pumpkin pie before a Dr's appt - 20 minutes into baking, the oven shut down. Cue crackling noises while turning on oven AND stovetop. That can't be good. So...Thanksgiving Twenty-Eleven will be known as "the year we blew breakers with so many tabletop appliances plugged in." No fancy recipes ahead...

Breakfast (sans photos) - challah bread french toast made in an electric skillet. I slathered mine with Biscoff Spread (why not?). 

Lunch - really non-existent after the mid-morning french toast. We nibbled on cheese & crackers - smoked gouda, xxsharp cheddar, and brie drizzled with honey. 

CheeseplatesDinner - Lobster tails (cooked in tabletop roaster oven), mashed potatoes (crockpot), sweet potatoes (microwave), and green bean & shallot ravioli salad (electric skillet). This was my first attempt at lobster tails (with Austin's help) - quite yummy, but I stand by my feeling that they're not quite worth the expense or the effort. 

ThanksgivingdinnerAccompanied by Innovacion Malbec Tempranillo - drinkable, albeit a bit uninteresting.

My biggest disappointment, of course, was not being able to bake! We picked up a pumpkin pie at a local farmstand. I added a dash of bourbon to the whipped cream to make up for the store-bought pie. Ha! PumpkinpieWhat did you eat this week (or on Thanksgiving)? Link up in the comments!

Oh, and Tracy - do I remember correctly that you have a convection oven? Like it? Hate it?