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mom's day.


Empty gas tank
I've been running on fumes this week. Restless sleep. No time for green juice in the morning. Only one visit to the gym. Pretty much non-stop work from sun-up to sundown. I sat down tonight to watch Grey's & skype with Barb and realized that it was the first time all week that I've done something "frivilous." (not really the right word. I take Grey's, and Barb, very seriously) I was rewarded with hottie-counselor-guy showing up on Grey's for the 2nd week in a row. Barb & I took a skype-moment to admire him. Nothing frivilous about that. I signed off of skype telling Barb that I was going to bed. Then had to check one thing. Which led to another thing...and another...and oh, what was that thing that I was going to do quickly? Ugh. Now it's past 11:00pm and I am already dreading the 5am alarm. 

Why is it so hard, I wonder, to do the things that we know make us feel rested & healthy & whole?