counting the minutes...
new Fiskars! - CHA-W releases...

going to denver.

Hands down, one of my favorite lines from Grey's last night...when Marc & Callie are at Joe's, and Marc looks at Little Grey and tells Callie..."I'm going to Denver." Damn the "rules". Damn the promise that he made to Derek. He's going to Denver. And I say...right on.

The whole Christina/Mer fight is familiar. I couldn't even really remember what they're fighting about until Barb & I emailed after the show...she couldn't remember, I had to figure it out. They're fighting over the intern surgery thing. But it doesn't really matter what the fight is about. What matters is that neither of them have their person anymore. And that sucks. Because when you're dealing with a creepy serial killer...or just a crappy friday...without your person? Well, it doesn't feel so great.

And then there's Alex & Izzie & dead guy. I feel like the writers are weaning us off of Denny...even though we all just really want him gone anyway. My favorite part of that whole thing in this episode? When Izzie tells Denny that Alex told her that he loves her. She says "that's huge for him." Not "and I love him too." Interesting.

That's some good Grey's.