#summer15 : a florida adventure.

One thing (of many) that Dan & I totally agree on is that we will make travel & adventure priorities in our life. Last week, we headed down to Florida to visit Dan's Mom...with Dan's little ones in tow. Travel with littles is an adventure, for sure...


Our morning departure flight was cancelled, so we spent our first vacation day as a staycation day. Let's be honest - the change was an unexpected wrinkle in our carefully laid plans and was nearly our un-doing. Despite a rocky start, we donned our shades & headed to the airport for an after-dinner flight.


These two were rockstars during and after the flights - even when we arrived in Florida at 1 o'clock in the morning. Side note: $0.60 gel clings for the airplane windows were a solid hit, and Melissa & Doug's Water WOW! sets are brilliant. 

Golf cart

Golf cart adventures & a morning at the pool = fun.

Beach days

The ocean is definitely my happy place. Listening to the belly laughs in the waves was definitely my favorite. Hearing W shout "a big one!" with sheer joy was worth every moment of two-year-old-ness.

Roller coaster

Our adventure included a very long, very hot day at LegoLand. M was my constant roller coaster companion & wanted to ride everything at least twice. Dan was happy to NOT ride the coasters...

Mini thumbs up

Miniland USA got a solid thumbs up from W. The lego scenes were amazing! 


We also danced, ate great food, tolerated tempers, survived the heat, enjoyed a few (many) gin & tonics, navigated roles & routines, and laughed a lot. Like most vacations, our days flew by and the trip ended too soon. Here's to kindness, laughter, adventure, gratitude, travel, and #summer15!

celebrating endings & beginnings.

 Austin graduated on Saturday - with cum laude distinction (the white tassles) and as a member of the National Honor Society (the yellow sash). This kid is going to do great things.


 Kindness & grace for the win.


These boys have grown up together. The friendship, support, and kindness that they've practiced have laid the foundation for bonds that will last a lifetime. 


 In the fall, some will head off to Utah, Montana, Maryland, and British Columbia...and some will stay closer to home. I am so excited for the adventures that they'll ALL experience. 


 And this guy? So grateful to have him by my side and in our life. 

a modern way to eat : anna jones


I definitely have a thing for cookbooks. This one might be my new favorite. Here's why...

1. It's GORGEOUS. Stunning photography. 

2. It's huge. 352 pages. 200+ recipes. 

3. It's more than a cookbook - it's inspiration to eat well.

4. It's vegetarian. Like, duh. 

5. It's real food. Full-of-greens fritters. Springtime wild garlic and lemon risotto. Food that you can make on a weeknight. 

6. It's creative. Vegetarian food is NOT boring. 

A Modern Way to Eat  is my kind of food - it's foodie, but approachable. It's a little fancy, but it's fun. 

I received this book through the Blogging for Books program. I was not compensated for this review, and all opinions expressed are my own.

you're my favorite : may 15

You're my favorite banner

 A few things that were my favorite this month...

Drinking Gibraltars in San Francisco. 

Airplanes. Sure, there are little annoyances about travel - but having a job that requires it really is my favorite. 

Discovering that Brene Brown has a new book coming out. Brene is my favorite.

Authenticity, vulnerability, tears, hugs, the best friends ever, reconciliation, #lovewins, honesty, grace, beginning again, laughter, living & loving in the light- this is the stuff of life, and it's my favorite. (and if you find all of that "gross"...you are NOT my favorite). 

Texts from my brother. I miss you!

Planning the next Barb & Kat's Excellent Adventure. (hint - Austin, TX in October. Y'all wanna join us?)

Light is the New Black - will review soon, but YESYESYESYESYES.

Inside jokes that start with "Hey you two in..." - because his laugh is my favorite.

My new tattoo that I am so in love with. 

How to Flow with The Universe. - yes, please.

As always, thank you for hanging in with me. Gratitude is always my favorite.  

my #summer15 story

Every summer


Summer in Vermont comes with one requirement - go outside. We kicked off the season last night with drinks, music, and sunset at Breakwater. Even this foodie wine girl loves bar food & a beer every so often. It was a relaxed night, and the first of many #summer15 happy stories. 

I started a #summer15 Pinterest board last week. Right now, it's food & drinks (does that surprise you?)...but I plan to add other things that I want to include in my #summer15 story. I'm working on a reading list (remember my 2014 list?), and will renew my library card this weekend. I need to get my bike out of storage. Plane tickets have been purchased for our first summer adventure. I ordered a cute new swimsuit. I haven't settled on a summer capsule wardrobe yet, but I'll get there soon(ish). I'll be reminding myself to take my (big) camera with me, and to use my iPhone camera when I forget. 

What are you planning for your #summer15 story?

listening lately.

May book coversI've been on a bit of an audio book kick lately. My commute isn't long, but I really dislike listening to the radio...so audiobooks (and/or podcasts) are a nice alternative. Here's what I've finished, and what I'm still listening to...

The Fringe Hours - I had heard about this book from several bloggers, but had kind of put it in the "good for moms of littles" category. I mean, I have nearly grown kids....and all the free time in the world, right? Ha! I wish. The reality is that live fills in all the parts that used to be filled in with kid activities. It's a different busy, that's all. So...I really enjoyed the insight and reminders about finding time to dedicate to self-care and to things/activities that bring me joy. Jessica's book sparked a conversation with several friends about what the one task is that is REALLY worth outsourcing. For Mo, it's cleaning and grocery shopping (although she only outsources one). For another friend, it's mopping the floor. For me? Laundry. I'm seriously pondering using a laundry service to free up more of my Fringe Hours for creativity & fun. 

The Fifth Agreement - I very much believe that "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." I've had The Four Agreements on my bookshelf for a couple of years. Confession - I've never read the entire book. I listened to The Fifth Agreement on a business trip this week. The book includes a pretty extensive explanation of the first four agreements, so I really got a lot of bang for my buck! The agreements are all "common sense"- but not easy to live by. "You have the right to live your own life, in your own way, and there is no wrong way." <-- YES. 

Packing Light -  This book is about travel but so much more. I originally worried that I wouldn't find much to "relate" to, given that the author is young, and the story is really a "coming of age" exercise. But isn't that what I'm doing right now? I've moved, I'm shedding baggage, and I'm very much practicing "packing light" (remember - one of my Core Desired Feelings is lightness!). I'm only about 2/3 through this one, but I'm enjoying it very much. Wisdom beyond her years for sure. 

I'm certainly in the mode of "give me all of the inspiration & knowledge, pretty please and thank you!" right now. Books, blogs, podcasts, audiobooks....yes, yes, yes, & yes. What's the best NON-fiction piece that you've read or listened to lately?